The garden

A garden where you will love to wander

More than 3000 square meters spread out at the back of the house, a lush chunk of greenery that you can access through the kitchen or the walkways.

Let yourself be seduced by this serene haven of peace that will make you feel like either strolling, soul-searching or relaxing. The manicured lawn with its fairway look (sir Aubert’s constant worry) is a ravishing scenery where numerous tree species share the premises with perennial flowerbeds: Japanese maple, oak, yew, walnut, hazel, holly and cherry trees thrive alongside magnolias, peonies, roses, asters, lilies, daisies and hydrangeas.

In order to nudge one towards the exploring of various mindsets and activities –napping, reading, lazy chatting, sketching or journaling- you will find sunbeds languishing here and there.