Surrounding golf courses

Ten golf courses located less than an hour away from La Plonplonière

The little-white-ball fans are spoilt for choice to make up their mind about where to strike it!

Nampont-Saint-Martin golf course, two options

22 km away from La Plonplonière

Le Belvédère

Nestled in a haven of greenery, the estate of the Nampont-Saint-Martin castle provides an idyllic setting for true golf players. The Belvédère course, originally featuring 9 holes in 1978, offers nowadays a rambling 18-hole layout with unexpected drops. Meandering through the woods above the Authie valley, this narrow fairway requires more accuracy than strength. This course is exceedingly satisfying to play thanks to its spectacular views. It is accessible to quite experienced golfers.

Les Cygnes

Open in 1994, this aptly-named course (it’s laid out right in the middle of a bird sanctuary) is the Golf’s showpiece. Initially a 9 holes, it doubled up in 2002 and has golfers play surrounded by swans, herons, ducks and many other migratory birds. Its rather flat layout sprawls through glorious views around the castle and on the Authie river banks while several ponds and ornamental lakes make the game rather unpredictable. A true Californian golf course in the north of France! A little twist to report, the passing of the border between the Somme and the Pas-de-Calais counties through par-8 and back through par-10. This original fairway is well appreciated by the British golfers and suits all types of players.

Belle Dune golf course

32 km away from La Plonplonière

Ranked as one of the ten most beautiful French golf courses, it was designed to offer a breathtaking view on the skyline thanks to its localization on the Somme Bay shores. With its typically Scottish links, it is a powerful fairway suitable to competitors seeking nature-driven challenges. Tucked deep in the heart of sand dunes in a 30 acres protected area, this 18-hole layout is one of a kind. Its rugged topography requires accuracy, power and tactics.

Touquet golf course, 3 options

23 km from La Plonplonière

La Forêt

The Touquet golf course came into being in 1904 with an 18 holes called La Forêt because of a layout drawn right in the middle of a pine forest. It’s an historical landmark and one of the jewels of the famous beach resort it is forever wrapped up with. Sheltered from the wind, the fairways are wide enough but quickly close in on rather small greens even though they are well protected by numerous bunkers. Relatively easy on most holes, this course suits players of all skill levels.

Le Manoir

The Touquet golf course quickly created general public interest. Therefore, a 9-hole fairway came into being in 1901. Fully inserted in its big brother La Forêt layout, it is a rather flat course with an array of challenges and game patterns that are perfect for beginners as well as advanced players in need to practice. It’s a fairway suited for ranking meets and to acquire the green card.

La Mer

This 18-hole course is viewed as a masterpiece that came out of the ground in 1931. It upgrades yet again the high-class golf complex already in capacity to host international tournaments such as the French Open or the Majors. Unlike the two other fairways, its layout includes Scottish-like links battered by the wind. It’s a demanding and difficult course that will be perfect for expert players in need of challenges.

Hardelot golf course, 2 options

36 km from La Plonplonière

Les Pins

Near the Channel coastline, the Hardelot-plage seaside resort features two stunning courses among which the so-called Les Pins. Rather short despite its 18 holes, its 1934 original layout has been thoroughly renovated to display a British style with sophisticated green outlines and concrete blocks. Lined with pine trees, the fairway winds through the Hardelot state-owned forest and sand dunes. Quite flat, this golf course expects accuracy and will seduce players of all skills level with its verdant scenery and technical appeal.

Les Dunes

Two kilometers away from its older brother, this 18-hole course produces an entirely different game atmosphere even though it takes place in the same gorgeous environment. Open at the beginning of the 90s, its layout runs through a hilly topography at the heart of a pine trees forest with spectacular views of lakes, stretches of sand dunes and woods. Its strong personality requires an appropriate command of technics. The fairway is rugged, the tiny greens are difficult to reach while the bunkers, even though well located, are small and deep. Add a few water obstacles and you come across a course both tactical and charming, suited to all types of golfers.

Wimereux golf course

38 km from La Plonplonière

Former horse tracks, the Wimereux golf course pops up at the very beginning of the 20th century in the city of Wimereux. In those days, this seaside resort is a hot spot for French and English tourists interested in horse races, swimming in the sea and enjoying delicious cuisine. At first a summer golf course only, it quickly becomes an all-year-round facility with its 18 hole set by the seaside, a short distance away only from Boulogne-sur-Mer. The view is simply gorgeous with a par-7 close to La Pointe aux Oies and the Dover cliffs. Hilly topography, barren landscapes, fairways laid out in the middle of roughs, slopes that bring the ball toward deep bunkers…At first glance, this course seems accessible but soon enough one realizes that a few mischievous obstacles increase the difficulty such as a pervasive wind or the brook at par-18 that seems to be a true magnet for balls.

Saint-Omer golf course

38 km from La Plonplonière

This golf complex located 20 km away from Boulogne-sur-Mer offers two different layouts with distinctive features. The 18-hole fairway is a challenge even for professional golfers who come to play during the European Tour and requires players to be in good shape to tackle the demanding layout. Hilly topography, blind or overhanging shots, water obstacles….one wavers between accuracy and power. The 9-hole sibling, 2 km long, stretches out on flat land in peaceful wooded settings, a first-class spot to earn a first ranking. Both of them are accessible to families as well as advanced players and professional golfers.