Never seen before and unconventional, this concept B&B is as bold as it is exciting. The accommodation are first rate, the choice of the theme is unprecedented. The inspiration? Two inclinations dear to the owner’s heart.  

Sharing his passion for golf

If you love golf to the point of making your day, every day, all about golf, then you are at the right place. Your host entirely devised this retreat as a tribute to this sport he assiduously plays himself. From the beautifully decorated bedrooms to the private putting green not to mention his conversation, nothing is left to chance. The idea is to spend time among insiders and share stories and fond memories as well as rediscover famous golf courses, reenact masterful shots or simply remember iconic players’ good old days such as Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els ou Gary Player to name but a few.

Arousing emotion

Because passion goes hand-in-hand with other ingredients to thrive and because non golfers are also welcome, your host has personalized his hospitality to make it a genuine experience: an exclusive getaway in an intimate setting where to unwind and recoup; a meaningful journey through nature and culture; the discovery of a bountiful region whose beauty deserves to be admired. 

When one comes to stay at La Plonponière, one surely comes to rest but also to experience the art of living and living well. Relaxation, fun, wellness and tantalizing home-made cuisine: we are pleased to welcome you…to your home!